Pre-Need Planning

Pre- Need Planning is:

1. The arrangement of cemetery property prior to need.
2. An additional protection for you and your family.
3. A wise step in estate planning.

Years of experience has proven that pre-planning is one way to make arrangements without the grief and pressure of an emergency situation.

Those who pre-plan their cemetery needs are often reassured and comforted, knowing they have relieved their families from the financial and emotional burden of making decisions at time of need. Marlboro Memorial pre-need counseling allows you to plan and pay for your burial months, years, or even decades ahead of time.
Our Family Counselors are available to discuss all aspects of the pre-arrangements we have available. We strongly believe this is a way to avoid the emotional and financial burden, which is often associated with making arrangements when a death occurs.

Facts about Pre-Planning Needs:

1. You can choose your location of your future resting place.
2. It makes good financial sense. It assures your loved ones will not have the burden of financial pressure at a time of need.
3. Discounts are always available to those families who purchase in advance.
4. It brings security and peace of mind to you and your family.
5. It means that you can make wise decisions together as a family, rather than under stress at a time of grief.

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