Burial Options

Marlboro Memorial Park offers the following burial options:

Traditional Side-By-Side

For those who are traditional at heart, we offer spaces that are side by side. Traditional spaces are adjacent to each other and can be purchased in any number.

Family Estates

Often families choose to purchase a large number of adjoining spaces for themselves and future generations. Since property at Marlboro Memorial is limited, many families want to assure a burial space for their loved ones in generations to come.


Our new and custom designed mausoleum's are extraordinarily different than any other mausoleum you will see at other cemeteries. In fact, we are the only cemetery to build such elegant buildings and offer discounted prices, making it affordable in today's era. From our stunning Indoor Mausoleums to all our Garden Mausoleums, we have different options to accommodate your special needs.


Cremated remains are often interred in above ground spaces. Spaces are about half the size and placed into a protected case. They are also available to be In-ground.

Double Depth Graves

Double Depth graves is one space for two burials.  All our sections can accommodate these graves.

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